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Pakistani Fashionistas Designer Collections & Trends 2020

Pakistani Fashionistas Designer Collections & Trends 2020

The Pakistani fashion industry has always been like a rollercoaster ride with lots of changes and happenings. The fashion industry includes different kinds of designer collections for bridal wear, prêt wear, couture, ready to wear, and lawn styles.

The fashion shows display the latest trends and designer collections by different renowned designers and brands.

This year the trends of fashion dresses in Pakistan have, however, liked and appreciated by customers nationwide.

The Fashion Influencers!

There are many brands and designers who have their own fashion bloggers and influencers. They endorse their dress designs to their targeted audience. Fashion relies upon strong images of people and leaves an impactful message of the crowd. When people read on blogs and watch videos of local fashion bloggers and influencers, they reach a bigger audience in this way.

Pakistani Fashionistas Designer Collection
Pakistani Fashionistas Designer Collection

Pastel, Sequins, can Cans, Trails, and Much More…

In the past, various designers stuck towards a particular style or color palate. They would showcase the same design, colors, and style of their collection in a more or less similar way. This trend has started to frown upon. People started getting tired of the same designs and styles over and over again. With the passage of time, however, different types and collections of fashionista dresses in Pakistan have reached the catwalks. And have been described as stunning and brilliant dresses.

Sometimes designers copy other designers and they don’t even tend to hide their plagiarism while showcasing them. They forget that they’re being watched globally.

When and if they get caught, they make others responsible for it and claim that they were unaware of the copy. They would announce that the concerned person has fired. The brand holds its integrity and values yet they do it again after regaining their reputation.

Menswear Collection in Pakistan
Menswear Collection in Pakistan

Menswear Collections

When we talk about fashion, women fashion is something that pops up in our mind. Men’s fashion is somewhat ignored due to unknown reasons. When it comes to Eastern men formals the genre is usually unappealing. With overdoing of embroidered kurtas, loud colors, and cumbersome texture. The menswear is not much of a success in totality.

But now the men’s fashion industry is making quite an impression. As various renowned designers have launched their own line of formal wear with sophisticated colors and textures. Usually, men’s wear designed to complement women’s wedding wear but realized that it is much more than just that.

Now different brands have inquired about their men’s collection and in 2020 they emerged with better designs.

Women's Designer Lawn Collection
Women’s Designer Lawn Collection

Designer Lawn Collections

As the economy is in a crunch and customers are buying lesser designer lawn collection. And sticking to the brands which they are loyal to. They focus on the value of money. With good quality fabric, design, embroidery at a price that is lesser than other designer brands. People get tired of wearing the same style designs. The repeated prints have lost all its charm in the eyes of customers.

Man, brands are still standing strong in their designs and ready to wear collections. Many have stepped out of the game despite heavy spending on marketing but couldn’t continue to satisfy their customers.

Women's Wedding Dresses
Women’s Wedding Dresses

Unstitched Designer Wedding Wears

As the ready to wear designer lawns recede into the shadows the unstitched prêt wear and wedding wear is making its way to the top.

Many designers have had a great business in 2019 in their heavily embellished unstitched designer collection with the price range between Rs 30,000 till Rs 100,000.

In a country like Pakistan where people spend money like water, they always end up buying expensive designer wear for the big day!

Solo Shows

Designers are now organizing solo fashions to highlight their work. However, solo shows are expensive to organize and rarely occurred but solo shows do send their message to its specific audience.

Unlike other fashion shows where strange and pushy crowd take over the solo shows comes with a lesser but better crowd. They know about fashion, well-dressed, and are avid fashion buyers.

It has heard that different designers are now planning to come up with their own solo presentations.

If the solo show consists of an amazing collection of prêt wear or ready to wear. Then the show itself becomes a huge success along with the designer’s collection. It does huge business but if the collection fails the entire show fails and will be noted on a larger scale.