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How To Dress For Every Occasion | A Complete Guide For Asian Men

How To Dress For Every Occasion | A Complete Guide For Asian Men

Dressing has always been one of the confusing things for men, as men usually have fewer options than ladies. Choosing an appropriate outfit for any occasion is something that men deal with every day, some men out there find it even harder than solving the game of chess. Sometimes it is quite easy to dress up for some occasions when you have the proper guidelines for the dress code. But what to do when you have to decide everything on your own?

A dress code is nothing but a set of guidelines that gives you an idea of how to dress up for a specific occasion. So, before going to any place, always check for the dress code they follow. Everyone has their own way to dress and their definition of dressing might be different, but if you are looking for a classy and trendy outfit, you don’t always have to worry about buying a costly one. In fact, most of the time, you may find the best outfit that suits you and your budget at the same time.

The only thing that should matter for you to look stylish is you being confident, because every style starts with you. In order to help you choose your best outfit for any occasion, we have assembled our knowledge of styling, that might help you in enhancing your knowledge of dressing.

Wedding Outfits

Looks like someone in your circle is getting married, and you don’t have anything to wear. No worries, we’re here to help!

Wedding is the most groundbreaking event in an individual’s life. While wedding women’s wear has developed leaps and bounds, wedding dresses for men have become enormously popular in the past few years. Asian men, specifically Indian and Pakistani men, usually take it as notch under

Typically, what they wear is shalwar kurta or a suit especially when it comes to weddings, that’s good too but Indo-Pak has a vast culture with a vast variety of dresses either for men or women, so from now on you will not wear something that you often wear. We’re going to change your perspective of getting dressed for a wedding.

There are several things that you have to keep in mind before going to any wedding, it can either be the venue, relation with the one getting married, weather. eeping in mind our two most famous traditional dresses, we have given you some guidelines of how to dress for a wedding.


The first thing you need to notice is the venue, where you are going to attend the wedding. It can either be a wedding hall, beach, farm, or a banquet. If it’s a place with an AC hall, then you don’t need to worry, the best thing to wear for such an environment is a sherwani. sherwani is a British Indian dress originated in the 19th century by Mughal nobles and royals of Northern India, since then it has been identified as a symbol of royalty. sherwani comes in a variety of colors but, there are two colors that are preferred by most of the men and fashion specialists are black and white. Black adds a look of Royalty in your dressing. Usually men choose black sherwani for weddings, especially for their primary events. Black sherwani is quite popular in Indian and Pakistani men, as it is a symbol of class. Black sherwani is also very popular in political events, ministers in India and Pakistan wear it for the oath taking ceremony.

On the other hand, we have white sherwani, white sherwani does not need to be traditional always. White sherwani is gaining its popularity nowadays in weddings, especially among Asians. Even if you talk about the Mughals, white sherwani has always been their Elite class’ personal choice. So, if you want to look like a royal at a wedding, go for white sherwani. It will enhance your look.

Prince Coat

A prince coat with kurta has always been the first choice when you have to go to a fun and energetic environment such as a musical night, and weddings. Prince coat is usually worn by the friends of the groom, which shows their unity and friendship, it is also worn quite often for reception. Prince coat is a symbol of elegance and style, you will always look put-together in a well tailored prince coat. It is also called a thinner version of sherwani as it brings out sophistication and class and doesn’t make you look shabby.

There are several Prince Coat design out there in the market, that are evolving day by day, bringing in new colors and styles. Always choose the right color when picking any prince coat design. Picking the right color can be a challenging task as you may have to keep in mind the occasion, dress code or theme of the function. Pastel color can be a good option for a daytime wedding, and if you are attending a wedding at night go for black grey, dark blue or navy color.

Formal Attire

Dressing for a formal occasion doesn’t mean you have to wear a tuxedo or an expensive three-piece suit– there are plenty of great outfits that will work for any event. Dressing formally means to dress up nicely and decently from head to toe. Whenever we hear the words “formal dressing” the first thing that comes up in our mind is an expensive suit. It’s not always about wearing a tuxedo or a prince coat, you can dress formally by wearing a nice and decent suit combination of colors, it can be cheap as well. What really matters is you looking confident in that outfit.


Dressing up for an interview is an art itself. The first thing that an interviewer notices right after you step into the room is your dressing, your outfit should appeal to the interviewer and should create interest in him to have a good communication with you. It’s a good rule of thumb to research about the company’s dress code before the day of interview, you should also be dressed appropriately for the position you’re applying for.

Always keep in mind that overdressing does not appeal to the one who’s interviewing you. Your dressing must be formal and decent at the same time. If you are applying for a managerial or any higher position, go for a classy suit with a good color contrast. Otherwise, go for a nice shirt and trouser.

According to some color psychologists, wearing a blue shirt for an interview with solid color trouser would be a great choice as it shows trust and friendliness, and encourages you to feel confident. It puts a good impression on the interviewer before you even starts to speak. Always examine yourself in terms of your dressing before you go for the interview.


Every organization, either micro or macro, tends to have their own dress code which is followed by all the employees. If you happen to be working in an office, you will find yourself mostly in two situations, business professional and business casual.

Here, we’ll talk about the business professional look that you should carry in an office. To look professional, the first thing to notice here is to act like a professional, and it can only be done if you’re dressed properly. Your outfit matters, as it makes you feel confident walking around. Your outfit should be according to your company’s dress code. Try to wear a light color shirt with solid color trousers, your tie should be in contrast with your shirt, the color of your belt and shoes must match. If you want to add some style in your attire, go for a decent looking jacket like a pastel colored blazer.

Casual Dressing

Let’s assume that you are going out with your friends to grab a coffee, or it’s just a casual road trip. Dressing up as casual would be a great option, we socialize with people in our daily routine, one should dress up in a way that everyone respects you. You must leave a long-lasting impression wherever you go, because our first impression is always our last.

For those men who want to dress up casually, they should follow what’s in trend nowadays. Wearing a t-shirt would be a great option, and especially if you go for a man polo shirt with nice dark, decent looking jeans or chinos. Men polo shirt is always the best option to wear. Wearing a jacket is not always a necessary thing, but still it adds a classy look to your personality if you wear a funky blazer with your outfit.

Dressing up casually does not only mean that you only have to give all your attention to your jeans and shirt. You must also pay attention to some small details like shoes. Socks and belts, as they say a lot about your personality. Your belt and shoes should always match in color, try to go with black and brown color as they deliver a decent and dapper look. The color of your socks should match with your trousers, such as wearing black socks with black or charcoal trousers would be a good choice. You can also try some other accessories like bracelets or rings that can enhance your personality more.

Final Thoughts.

So, wearing a white or a black sherwani, or a prince coat totally depends upon your choice, the only thing that matters is how you feel from the inside wearing them. You should be confident in what you are wearing, because how you appear in front of others totally depends on how you feel.


Which suits Asian men more? Black sherwani or White sherwani?

It depends on the occasion you are going to, dress according to that. Like if you are going to attend a wedding, go for a black sherwani or any dark color. White sherwani is gaining popularity nowadays. If you want to have a royal feel in your outfit, wear a white one.

How to choose sherwani for any occasion?

Choosing sherwani is not a difficult task. It depends on the event you are going to, if you are confused about the color, just go for white Sherwin as it suits men in most of the occasions.

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