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Personal Protection Equipment for Safety

Due to the pandemic COVID-19, the need for personal protection equipment has increased. We are all advised to stay safe and at home. We ensure that we follow all SOPs while going outside or meeting someone. Moreover, our frontline heroes including the doctors, nurses, paramedics, and other healthcare-related officials. They are always in dire need of protection as they are exposed to the coronavirus patients at all times.

Everyone must have their own personal protective equipment in order to prevent them from being infected. We must wear protection face masks at all times especially when going out or meeting someone or going to work. It has therefore suggested that we must stay at home at all times and must leave when necessary. Whenever we need to go outside to any public place we must ensure that we have the medical gloves and protective face mask on for our safety and well-being.

We can prevent infection and take controlled measures in this coronavirus pandemic. Such as ensuring hand hygiene, personal protective equipment, and waste management materials. We must make sure that we wash our hands frequently and use hand sanitizers whenever needed. Healthcare workers need to take extra precautionary measures such as wearing face masks at all times. They must have medical gloves on, wearing a surgical gown, head cover, rubber boots. And shield to save themselves from the exposure of pandemic patients

Here are some of the important protection gears that KapraBazar offers to its customers to ensure their health, safety, and hygiene.